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Making a grandparent memory book is a beautiful way to document family history and celebrate life experiences with our loved ones whether you are passing down family history in a grandparents book for grandchildren or helping your family make a photo book for grandma and grandpa. Along with plenty of prompts and fillintheblanks for recording childhood memories and family history, theres lots of. I bought this book alongside two other more generic memories for my grandchild books for my mom divorced and my inlaws still married. This unique memory book is a great way to tell your grandchildren all about you, from the wildest things you did as a teenager to your early memories of their parents. Grandparents share a truly special bond with grandchildren, one that deserves its very own kind of keepsake. Memories and keepsakes for my grandchild gjr by blue streak isbn. Grandma obviously did not like all the questions as she skipped or changed many of them. This book is a fillintheblanks question and answer journal for a grandparent to give to a grandchild. Was planning on giving this to my mom and the other two to ils, but man would this one have been awkward for my mom because i think it just assumes way too much about the grandmother and the family. This lovely, hiddenspiralbound memory book has inspiring prompts, sweet quotations about family, and places to paste in favorite photos, enabling a grandmother to create a oneofakind keepsake her grandchild will treasure for years.

How to create a memory book for your grandchild memory photo. My grandmother had a different book for her children that was more open ended questions with more space to write and the stories are so much better with more detail in the other book. When they turn 12, i present them with a scrapbook. Snell grew up during the 1920s and 1930s, part of the second generation of crows to be born into reservation life. This unique memory book is a great way to tell your grandchildren all about you, from the wildest things you did as a teenager to your early memories of their. The perfect gift for your grandmother ideal for mothers day and birthday giving, this beautiful keepsake memory book. For the fifteen million grandmothers who are keepers of family history and memories, the grandmother book is a lively and timely way to record your story for future generations. If your grandchild happens to own the book you are reading, encourage him to fetch it from his bookshelf or off his bedroom floor and turn the pages with you. Oct 4, 20 throughout the years, i have found a way to form a unique bond with my grandchildren.

She and her little dog travel by horse, train, skis, and car. Depending on your grandchild s age, you can read longer stories that would take a few sittings. A book about you for your grandchild by andy hilford, susan hilford isbn. Andy and susan hilford present the perfect way for grandmothers of all ages to. Grandmothers grandchild is the remarkable story of alma hogan snell 19232008, a crow woman brought up by her grandmother, the famous medicine woman pretty shield. A book about you for your grandchild hilford, andy, hilford, susan on. How to create a memory book for your grandchild memory books.

Using skype to read to your long distance grandchildren. However, the books explored here are those that feature grandchild grandparent relationships. As a grandma, it is also a great way to bond with your grandchildren. Share with your grandchild the exciting, emotional, amusing, embarrassing, and interesting moments of your life with the story of you. Grandmas and grandpas are the champions in these sweet and amusing stories. This book is about a grandma who will do anything to see her grandchild. The 14 best keepsake books for grandparents to give to. Create a family keepsake that will be treasured by generations to come.

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