Borderlands 2 all heads and skins save download youtube

Borderlands 2 how to add skinsheads updated youtube. I demonstrate how to add skinsheads to your profile so they can be easily unlocked. Save game pax heads all heads, all skins, all keychains. All character head and skins at borderlands 2 nexus mods. Falleneclipse on youtube is where i got the list of codes from. Hello i have all the heads and skins on borderlands 2 if you would like to.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It has every single skin unlocked and has 252 golden keys. Obtained by having a game save from borderlands goliath0. Borderlands 2 all heads and skins saves included youtube. All unlocked character customizations headsskins note that. Put the save file in this pc documents my games borderlands 2 willowgame savedata 76561198028988149 then load up your game, press start with axton the head whore. Some have also been given out as codes on events from gearbox valentines day skins are out as of now. A total of 37 heads and 105 skins can be unlocked for maya. If there is any head or skin missing please let me know and ill update as soon as i find the gibbed code. Borderlands 2 how to mod badass tokens, stats, golden keys xbox 360 duration. I used gibbeds borderlands 2 save editor revision 256. Here is a save file, level 1 axton with all head skins in the game. Borderlands 2 master modded gun save xboxps3pc duration. If youve already played borderlands 2 andor borderlands.

All head skins save file at borderlands 2 nexus mods and. Here you will find tutorials to many borderlands 2 mods. The nondefault heads and skins can be unlocked through random enemy drops, specific though rare enemy drops, mission rewards, challenge rewards, shift code promotions, downloadable content and ingame trading with other players. Is the game save updated with all of the skins now. Head and skin locations borderlands 2 general discussions. I personally havent used off the usb so my main gameplay off my harddrive is unaffected by these. Send your fan mail, art, letters, or anything at all to. The gibb can also be used to convert xbox 360 saves to pc and vice versa, but. Poker night 2 is a game where you can get heads and a skin in addition to tf2 items from playing. This is just a short video showing how you can get all heads and skins for nisha, athena, claptrap, and wilhelm in borderlands the presequel. Borderlands 2 all heads and skins save modded xp lobby for ps4 duration. This save consist of all the main game heads and skins. Once you get through cl4ptps little cutscene, open your inventory and use all the head skins.

Post and discuss anything related to borderlands 2. Heads that come unlocked with borderlands 2 to begin customization. Borderlands 2 all character and vehicle customizations. Borderlands 2 all skins and heads save the tech game. It also has 2700 bar, however, if you load any character that has challanges completed then the characters bar will be added to the files 2700. Then load up your game, press start with axton the head whore. You can also obtain a unique set of heads and skins for the four vault hunters from the base game by having played borderlands 1 on the very same system youre playing borderlands 2.

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